Day of Service

Church Group (Each Group Serves Once a Month)

1st Monday

Chinese Immanuel Church

1st Tuesday

Antelope Road Christian Fellowship

1st Wednesday

Westside Christian Church

1st Thursday

Missionary Gospel Church

1st Friday (odd)

Bayside Church of South Sacramento (B.O.S.S.)

1st Friday (even)

Sacramento Friends Church

1st Saturday

Antelope Springs Church

1st Sunday

River’s Edge Church

2nd Monday

Southside Community Church

2nd Tuesday

Church of God 7th Day

2nd Wednesday

Creekside Christian Church (College/Career)

2nd Thursday

Triple “C” Ministries

2nd Friday

Dudek Family

2nd Saturday

Davis Korean Church

2nd Sunday

Sun River Church

3rd Monday

River City Church

3rd Tuesday

Creekside Christian Church (High School)

3rd Wednesday


3rd Thursday

Clarksburg Community Church

3rd Friday

Touchstone Christian Fellowship

3rd Saturday

Celebration Church

3rd Sunday

Slavic Trinity Church

4th Monday

River Ridge Neighborhood Church

4th Tuesday

Centennial United Methodist Church

4th Wednesday

Calvary Chapel Roseville

4th Thursday

International Christian Church

4th Friday

Bayside Church of Granite Bay “Fusion”

4th Saturday

Oasis Christian Mission Center

4th Sunday

The Chruch of the Cross

5th Monday

Sierra Arden United Church of Christ

5th Tuesday

American River Community Church

5th Wednesday

Crosspoint Church

5th Thursday

Progressive Church of God in Christ

5th Friday

Northside Church

5th Saturday

Laguna Chinese Baptist Church

5th Sunday

Friday Night Fellowship