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Christmas & Special Events

Many guests were blessed throughout this Christmas Season. Our Christmas Dinner Banquet was festive with many volunteers who gifted items to give away, decorate, and serve our guests.

If you are not a part of our regular church serving groups and would like to volunteer, please join us at our Valentine’s Day Dinner Banquet on Tuesday, February 14 at 7:00 pm.
Call (916) 447-3268, email Click Here for our complete schedule of events

January Updates

We also gave out ~ 100 Christmas Food Boxes to families and seniors. Each recipient attended a Chapel Service led by Chaplain Tom Mooney sharing God’s goodness and our New Life Program men singing carols. We will continue our regular food boxes throughout the year once per month for families and seniors (62+) in need. To sign up for yours, please call us at 916-447-3268 or Click Here for more info.

Our New Graduate, Frank

L to R: Jason Jarvis, Eric Rios, P. Tim Lane, Micah Jarvis, Frank, Tom Mooney, Ralph King, Jeremy Gauthier

We want to extend a big congratulations to our newest graduate, Frank H. for his hard work completing our 9-month New Life program! While at the Mission, he was not only a constant encouragement to the other program men but also to his chaplains and teachers with his earnest and genuine desire to understand scripture and see the glories of Christ.  UGM’s leadership is encouraged to see Christ at work here at the Mission, and we hope you are too!

Before coming to the Mission, Frank had lived a life dominated by hardships and sinful indulgences. A violent crime landed him in prison, and during the next 10 years of his incarceration, he was filled with sorrow and pain. He then began to read God’s Word, and it was upon seeing the substitutionary atonement of Christ that Frank’s life changed. Because of what Christ has accomplished for him, he wants to live a life apart from sin and be devoted to the glory of God, sharing the gospel, encouraging those struggling, and reminding people how faithful God is.  We cannot wait to see what God has in store for Frank’s future!

Introduction to the Chaplain Care Team (CCT)

Pastor Tim Lane (left) has been leading as Executive Director for over 18 years, and has prayerfully sought to assemble a distinctive group of men who would lead the way of implementing much-needed biblical changes at the Mission, setting a standard of ministry and service meant to be emulated for years to come.

God has brought these men together when considering the complementing nature of each chaplain’s skills and gifting. The diversity of our team is essential because of the many ways our CCT cares for people. Each is able to teach, counsel complex individuals, preach Christ-centered sermons, and shepherd through a biblical curriculum.

All of our CCT were trained by their churches after their call to ministry was affirmed by leadership and given opportunities as a lead pastor, serve ministerially, or provide help in other capacities while under church oversight and care.  Our CCT has a variety of formal seminary educations from either Masters (TMS), Southern (SBTS), or Cornerstone (TCBS). Some received additional training from organizations such as ACBC and TAC for our specialized work, to be more effective in discipleship and biblical counseling at the Mission.

We are grateful to God for your faithfulness and generosity—our supporters that allow us the opportunity to work together in this ministry, to see lives transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you want to learn more about our CCT, visit us at and see our staff profiles.  We thank you for your partnership in this ministry and request continued prayer for those being served at UGM. 

Chaplains, in order of tenure and pic. left to right— Tom Mooney, who has faithfully served as Chaplain for over 20 years; Eric Rios, the Aftercare Chaplain, joined the team 5 years ago; Jeremy Gauthier, Pastor Jason Jarvis, and Ralph King joined the team this year; and starting in January 2023, Victor Hinojosa.

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