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Thank you for your continued prayers and support! It is because of you that we have been a lighthouse to Sacramento’s poor and homeless since 1962.  As we go through this unprecedented pandemic, we know that God’s love, power, and grace will continue to help us and make meaningful life changes. Below are some UGM Highlights and Testimonies!

We had to cut some trees down in our parking lot because the roots were tearing up our concrete. But our tree cutter did an amazing job with carving out a cross from one of the trunks and Jed Dahlen, our Development/Social Media Assistant, wrote a beautiful post reflecting it:

     UGM Highlights and Testimonies

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ” Ephesians 2:13. This is our hope for those that are outside of our gates. As we minister to their material needs may they see their need for Jesus Christ!

The above is a snippet from our Summer Newsletter of Rudolph, our Rehabilitation Program Graduate, and Intern Houseman, who is working with our current rehab. program men.  Just a reminder of the work that God is doing here at the Mission. Continue to pray that God’s word will change the hearts and minds of those that we serve.  If you would like to receive our Quarterly Newsletters by mail, please reply to this email with your name and address.  You can also read and/or download them by clicking here:

Staying The Course 3     Staying The Course 2

We give out food boxes every week to families and seniors.  And, we are getting ready to prepare 100 Thanksgiving Food Boxes to give away.  Please get the word out to anyone your community might know of that can benefit from this service. Signs ups start on Monday, 11/2/20, by calling our office at (916) 447-3268. Click Here for more information.

UGM Highlights and Testimonies     

For many without a home, this is what “shelter in place” looks like. The city and county have been working hard to help those who have COVID, but there are approx. 5,700 still on the streets. With your kind hearts and tremendous support, we are still feeding meals-to-go, providing clothing, showers, and many items to help with their needs.  Our Rehabilitation Program is getting men off the streets and changing their lives in miraculous ways, thanks to our mighty God!

We desire to open our Chapel, Dining Room, and Emergency Shelter safely, and prayerfully, soon.  We miss all of our incredible volunteers as well.  Please pray for everyone’s health, safety, and further work that needs to be done to help all those in need.

UGM Highlights and Testimonies

Pastor Tim, the UGM Board, and Staff continue to pray for all of you as well.  Stay healthy and keep well in our Savior’s Hands!

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