How to Help a Homeless Person

The picture below shows the Front & Back sides of our Handout Card. 

If you meet someone in need, whether they’re homeless, addicted, or a family that needs food, help them by sending them our way with this Handout Card.  Come by our office to pick some up or request them at

Other Tips

  • First, take precautions for your safety.  Don’t take unnecessary chances.
  • Offer to pray with them or for them. Don’t give cash. 
  • Give fast food gift cards.
  • Share snacks and water bottles.
  • Direct them to us for meals and help.
  • Show them God’s compassion and love.  Make eye contact and listen to them.
  • Share the Gospel! 
  • Talk about how God has made a difference in your life.
  • Be in grace.  Many have experienced personal pain or mental illness that is unimaginable.