Grateful through it all: Jed is especially thankful for YOU!

Your compassion & support change lives.


“When I walked into the Mission, my life began.”

Jed was alone… sitting in a jail cell… and desperate to change the lifestyle he’d been living since childhood. As he held a Bible in his hands and started to read, he began to feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Raised in a household where drug use was the norm, Jed never knew any other way. And because of that, Jed didn’t see any problem using himself. Even as an adult, he moved to Sacramento and was welcomed into another family where drugs were the norm.

“I could never make progress in life… I burned all my relationships with other people. I ended up living a very lonely life.”
At his darkest moment, the Lord reached down and touched Jed’s heart. “I really felt the Lord impressing upon my heart that He wasn’t asking me to do anything except trust Him. So I did.” And that trust led Jed here to the Mission.

“When I walked into the Mission, I felt like my life began. I finally had a place to start.”

“I learned what it meant to serve the Lord at the Mission. Now I’m in the place where God wants me to be.”

Jed joined our Rehabilitation program and experienced true healing. “It’s Christ-centered healing here… the counseling, the classes, the support. It was a foundation that made me confident I could live without falling into my old lifestyle again.”

When Jed graduated from our program, he married a godly woman and got involved in a church that continued to nourish his faith. And today, following God’s leading in his life, he’s the pastor of that church! “God used what I learned at the Mission to move me and mold me into the man I am today.” For the past six years, Jed has worked at the Mission and continues to serve here today.

As Jed celebrates this Thanksgiving, he feels incredibly thankful for your compassion and support – and how it’s given him a fresh start in life. “You’re supporting people’s lives being changed… many times, it starts with a meal. That meal leads to a message that provides people with hope that they can change their lives.”

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