Bob is celebrating Easter with JOY – because of you!


“I felt unforgivable and unwanted by God…”

Bob was raised in a Catholic home, went to Catholic school, and learned about Jesus from a young age. He had a basic understanding and belief in Jesus early on. But, when he was 13, his parents divorced, and his religious pursuits came to an end. “We stopped going to church, I transferred to a public school, and began living a godless life.” he says. “I remember feeling empty inside.”

When he was in his 20s, Bob began drinking to fill that emptiness inside. “I was trying to fill the void by drinking, but the more I did, the worse it got, and the more I felt unforgivable and unwanted by God – thinking from my old Catholic upbringing.”

For 40 years, he was a functioning addict, able to work as a carpenter and pay his bills, but his life was devoid of any joy in the Lord. Then, he met a Christian who encouraged him to get more than sober, but to get right with God. “They were watching me slowly decline into a bottle, and it was breaking their heart,” he said. With a sense of urgency, they got together and looked up Christian programs nearby, read about the Union Gospel Mission’s New Life Program, and agreed that this was the place Bob needed to be.

Through our New Life Program’s classes, counseling, and care, Bob has been restored to Christ. He gets to enjoy this relationship every day as he spends time in the Word and prayer, growing in the Lord more and more. “Jesus filled that emptiness inside, and I don’t even desire to drink anymore.”

“I’m walking in the Lord’s grace every day.”

A graduate of the program, Bob is now living at our Redemption House for continued care and the opportunity to work and pursue life in the local church. Living in community with God’s people and abiding in Christ, Bob is experiencing joy in his new life free from his past addictions. “I love experiencing fellowship with other Christians on the Lord’s Day as we worship together.”

This Easter we celebrate the resurrection of our King, Jesus. The hope found in an empty tomb means there’s hope for anyone. Thank you for allowing men like Bob to find new life in Christ. “I was lost without God, but the Mission brought Him back into my life.”

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