UGM Renovation Project

The Union Gospel Mission of Sacramento was established in 1962 on Front Street in Old Sacramento. They grew to the ability of purchasing our current location at 400 Bannon Street in August 1967. Through the years, we have continued with the same ministry with additional growth, thanks to God and all of our donors.

Maintenance is a constant need, but we are now at a point that our old buildings require additional renovations and remodeling. Next year will mark 60 years of ministry and as we complete our UGM Renovation Project, we will be ready for 60 more!

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Below are pictures of the original construction of 400 Bannon Street in the spring of 1967. We feel confident that the builders would be grateful and amazed by the tremendous impact this property has had over these many years.

Current and Proposed Renovation Projects

Shade Structure for our Outdoor Chapel & Dining Services

Our desire is that we can hold outdoor chapel services and dinner for our homeless guests during this pandemic and that it be permanent for any other activities in the future.


In June we took out some trees that were too close to the building and upgraded our sidewalks. It helped expand our parking area and gave us more room for a possible shade structure.

Replacement of Roof and Six Evaporative Coolers


Work will consist of removing old coolers and replacing the entire roof. Then replacing coolers with new units. We will also be replacing all the fascia boards and putting up rain gutters around the building.


In June we had a total roof replacement and new evap coolers installed.

Renovation of Guest Dorms


Our guest dorm that houses 60 men every night is in need of a complete renovation. We will be tearing out all the old sheetrock, electrical, and lighting. Replacing walls with new sheetrock and covering with FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) and all lighting with energy-efficient LED fixtures.


The guest dorm has been stripped down to studs and the process of fixing the dry rot around windows and new electrical are currently being done. Pastor Tim gives us an update on the expansion of our Men’s Rehabilitation Dorm that will add 4 beds. It will increase our capacity from 84 beds to 88!

Renovate Hallways and Stairway


We will be replacing all the doors in the guest and program areas.


All hallways and entryways will be taken down to studs with new insulation, electrical, and sheetrock with FRP covering installed. Also, all lighting replaced with energy-efficient LED fixtures.


Floors will be stripped down to the bare concrete and replaced with durable hospital flooring.


The hallway and stairway have been stripped down to studs and new electrical is being put in. You can see some of the dry rot in the headers that are being replaced.

Renovate Shower Stall, Changing Area, and Bathroom Shelves


Gut existing shower stall and replace all sheetrock, tile, plumbing, and electrical. Cover new concrete with epoxy flooring shown in the picture above.


Tear our changing area and replace sheetrock, electrical, and lighting. Relace all seating and shelves with stainless steel. Walls will be covered with FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic).


When we stripped out the old shower and hallway we discovered some bad plumbing that called for stripping down of the guest bathroom along with the shower stall. All new plumbing and electrical is going in and should be a real blessing to our guests when it is finished!

New Laundry Room


A complete tear out of the existing laundry room down to the studs. Replace all plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, and lighting.


Our Executive Director, Pastor Tim Lane, is seen pictured with two sets of brand new Industrial Washers and Dryers.


In one of the hidden but most important areas is the laundry room. It is one of the biggest jobs as we not only had to strip it down to the studs to replace the electrical and plumbing but also the concrete as we needed to upgrade the sewer line. Once completed we will be able to keep going for many years to come!

Renovate Men’s Clothing Closet


Relocate clothing to a temporary space to keep services going. Complete tear out down to studs. Replace sheetrock, electrical, and lighting. Install new shelving and racks for clothing.


We relocated the clothing closet to a temporary location so we can still run it. We gutted that room and even found we could expand it a little bit. Praise God! We are now in the process of renovating with new electrical and sheetrock.

Add New Sewer Line and Repair Outside Electrical


Add a 4″ sewer line to our existing system to stop a problem with backups. Add a floor sink for mops and repair and replace existing electrical on the outside of the building.


The old concrete was removed and a new 4″ sewer line was installed.


The forms were set afterward and new concrete was poured!