Most people know that the Mission feeds men, women, and children who are homeless and on the street. But our mission goes beyond helping those who come to us. We are active in the community, supplying food boxes to families unable to adequately feed their children in addition to the 9,200 meals we serve at UGM every month.

Weekly Food Basket Pickup and Guidelines:

  • Pickup times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning at 1:00 pm and ending at 2:00 pm.
  • You must call the day before to request a food box or request through this form. If you request through this form, you will be called to verify so please leave your phone number.
  • You can receive one food box, every 90 days for Families with Children and every 30 days for Seniors over 62.
  • You must bring your valid ID along with a utility bill with current address (Proof of Residence).
  • (NOTE) Holiday Food Box Programs will vary from this schedule.​

Our weekly Food Box program Will  be stopped during Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter holidays.  This is to accommodate the Holiday Food Boxes.


If you are requesting a food box for Tuesday or Thursday through the links on this page and have to leave a message, please give the following information: First name, Last name and Phone Number. We must be able to call you and verify or the food box will not be made up. For a Holiday Food box, you must call in person. Online requests for Holiday Food Boxes will not be processed.

You must call in to be placed on a Holiday Food Box list.

(916) 447-3268

Sign-ups are as follows:

Easter – Food Boxes
Sign-Up – April 1st
Give away – April 17th

Thanksgiving- Food Boxes
Sign-Up – November 4th
Give away – November 25th

Christmas- Food Boxes
Sign-Up – December 2th
Give away – December 23rd

“Day of Give-away”
If you signed up for a Holiday Food Box, Check in time starts promptly at 12:30 pm and gate closes at 1:00 pm
Choir and Chapel service for 20 minutes and then food boxes will be given away.