What is Redemption House?


We exist to meet practical needs, train biblically, and send transformed lives back into society and a local church prepared for life. The Mission aims to do this with people overcoming daunting life circumstances. Our greatest hope is that someone will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus through our efforts. If, by God’s grace, someone is saved and desires to step into this new way of living, by faith, our time and investment into their lives can continue on for years. If they graduate from our 10-month New Life Program, the pressure is on as they look for work, pay off debts and fines, search for a car, start saving, and most importantly, pursue life in their local church. The difficulty of doing this without a transitional living situation is possible but tremendously difficult.

In 2023, the Mission chose to acquire a home to alleviate the swift exit after graduation and provide continued care. We named it Redemption House and began using it for our graduates whose lives were heading in a direction we could get behind and continue supporting as they started normalizing a Christian life. During their stay at the Mission, men learn how to put off bad habits and live out their days like a disciple; learning, following, and serving others. Their days are structured, and time is managed for them. But, when they graduate and move into the Redemption House, men need to start building out a biblically informed life for themselves, one that consists of work, financial stewardship, and church involvement.

To provide a smooth transition through this process, the Mission was able to supply a live-in Chaplain. One, the men were familiar with already and trusted and knew them well enough to seamlessly continue the aftercare for them as they faced new challenges as young Christians. The chaplain moved in upstairs, while up to six men lived on the first floor. He is present and available, but not immersed completely, giving the men a sense of space and independence, while knowing counsel, care, and prayer are near.

Aftercare at the house consists of setting up a bank account, paying off debts and fines, making important purchases like a car, and building their professional resume while working towards financial stability. In the mystery of God’s providence, men will face disappointments, rejection, and delays in anticipated successes, and learn to trust God’s timing and develop a spiritually disciplined life of their own. This transition time supplies unique challenges as men learn how to socialize with new crowds, pursue one another relationships in the church, and membership, reconcile with family, and face hard life challenges they maybe weren’t ready for before.

The transition itself can be quite a shock for graduates as they move from a highly dense location of our homeless population to a quiet ordered home with space and peace. Most people can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a homeless camp or prison, while many graduates are the opposite, they have never lived in a loving Christian home. That’s what aftercare consists of at the Redemption House. Of course, it’s the obvious things like getting a job, staying sober, and saving money, but it’s also the biblically-informed soul care that our discerning, trained chaplains provide for those precious young believers we have the privilege of serving during the time we have them.

Give monthly to provide nourishing meals, safe shelter, and other life-saving care… And help our neighbors the opportunity to have a transformed life through the power of the Gospel. Our residential program teaches men out of the Word of God, counsels biblically, and continues to guide graduates at our transitional home toward a lasting, godly life. Join us here or click the button below.