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Here is a look at God’s Power in Tough Times!

Nobody can say that the pandemic has been easy but here at the Union Gospel Mission, we give God glory for His work!

God's Power in Tough Time's

Celebrating the transforming power of God!

April 15, 2001, was a day that Jed, our Development Assistant, will never forget. It wasn’t that it was the last day he used methamphetamine or that he was on his way back to prison, it was that God was using this event to lead Jed to Himself. After giving his life to Christ and getting released, he found himself at the Union Gospel Mission and joined their Rehabilitation Program where he grew in a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Twenty years is the difference in the two pictures above and God has blessed him with a wonderful wife, fruitful ministry, and all of you!  He has been working at the Misson for almost six years now and loves that he gets the opportunity to give back. Thank you for your years of prayers and support of this ministry as we get to see daily God do in others what He has done in Jed!

For more info on our Men’s Rehabilitation Program Click Here!

God’s Power in Learning

Instructions come in many forms for those in our Men’s Rehabilitation Program. From learning life skills to the biblical principles of the gospel, they are all important. God wants us to take care of our bodies as well – mind, body, and spirit!  Here we see our Aftercare Specialist, Eric Rios, teaching and mentoring through our Iron Sharpens Iron Fitness Program.

God’s Power in Serving

One of the best parts for our men that are in our program is being able to serve the guests that come here. From putting together food boxes for poor families and seniors to serving our nightly meals, they are finding joy and fulfillment in helping others. This is one way they are learning to have Christ-likeness!



We are excited to announce that we have been in the process of much-needed remodeling of our older buildings on campus. Through the help of some faithful donors, we have purchased two new sets of industrial washers and dryers. Our Executive Director, Pastor Tim Lane, is pictured here as we wait for the completion of the work to be done. Our Project Coordinator, Danny, set up the portable showers for our guests to use while the remodel is going on.

Check out our page for details at


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