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Praise God for bringing back our greatly missed Chapel and Dining Room Services and our Women’s Clothing Closet!


July 6th was our first night!

We are excited to be back to sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ every night of the week! Not only is “gospel” in the middle of our name but it is also the heart of all that we do. We know and believe as men and women give their lives to Christ everything in their life changes. Please pray for the souls of those we reach, that the message would find good soil and produce much fruit!

It was good to see our guests come out of the heat to sit in our cool chapel and hear the Gospel preached again.  Let the Word of the Lord be spoken clearly and boldly through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Afterward, they sat in our Dining Room and enjoyed a hearty meal. A nice change from getting meals to go.  Please pray for their continued help in transitioning out of homelessness.

Our Women’s Clothing Closet Opened with many Cheerful Hearts!

We have now had three Thursdays where the UGM Staff and volunteers have been celebrating, encouraging, shopping, and praying with women and their children.  And, hearing the Bible Studies be shared again was so enriching!  Let every woman and child receive His love and grace!


Blessing from the last three weeks

We have been blessed by the many children that have come with their moms to the Women’s Clothing Closet. One of the youngest kiddos that shopped our store became so excited when he saw the rack of children’s shoes. His mom asked one of our staff, “Is it okay if I put these shoes on him before checking out? He doesn’t have any on.” As soon as the little shoes were on his feet, he ran out the door to where his siblings were and jumped up and down pointing at his feet saying, “I’ve got shoes!” His joy touched our hearts and reminded us that there is no need too small for the Father’s notice.


We were touched by Alec, one of our littlest shoppers. His mom said she was so glad she had come because it was Alec’s birthday and she had nothing to give him. She was able to find Alec clothes, shoes, diapers, and a toy for his special day. It is such a blessing to show the love of Christ to women and children in our community!


Helping Women Find Work!

Our last shopper of the day came in looking for an interview outfit. Our volunteers worked with her to pick out tops, pants, jewelry and shoes.  As she sat down to take off the heeled boots for her upcoming job interview, she let us know that her mom passed away last year, and that coming to the WCC is something they would have done together. Our Volunteers immediately jumped into action, offering to pray, to celebrate her interview, and to complement her clothes. For the time she was shopping in the closet, they were able to be the support that she came in without.

The women that come to the WCC have unique stories and needs and it is a blessing to meet them with the love and care of Christ.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please click here for more info.


  • Tyrone Johnson says:

    I have gotten TB test, but you don’t have any instructions like what I can bring, for the program. I was in ICP Bed Rispit center for 90 days. I have clothing but what can I bring? I have a bike I have a chain. My Phone no. 279-300-7953 text message is ok. I have been receiving GA and Calfresh.

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