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May 2024 Updates

Celebrate with our Graduate, Brian!

We are excited to announce yet another New Life Program graduate: Brian!
Brian came to the Mission in his 30s after a life of disappointments and unrealized dreams, which eventually led him to life on the streets. Upon entry to the New Life Program, he remembers being shocked when he saw the Bible being taken so seriously as it was studied, taught, and lived out. He knew he needed help but was unaware of what kind and doubtful the Bible would have the answer. He learned Scripture to be necessary in exposing his main problem, sin, and for learning about Christ, the only solution to his main problem.

Today, Brian is a confessing Christian and lives at the Redemption House, where he is striving to live out his new life in Christ. He is diligently looking for full-time work and desires to continue his education. In the long term, Brian wants to have his own family one day where he can pass on what he’s learned in life. He is attending Sun River church and getting to know the congregation while sitting under good preaching and Shepherding as he plans his next steps.


Women’s Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

The Women’s Clothes Closet would not be possible without our donors, who give so generously, and our volunteers. Prepping the closet, running showers, helping women shop, and caring for our guest’s hearts by sharing the Word of God, these committed volunteers exemplify the love of Christ. If you wish to learn more about our Women’s Clothing Closet, contribute, or get involved, please click here.



National Day of Prayer

On May 2, and through the month, join us in praising God’s faithfulness to UGM for the past 62 years. All the provisions have been met through donors like you. UGM is making a vital impact on our impoverished neighbors by providing essential care and the everlasting life of Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray that God would continue to change the hearts of those we serve and open their eyes to the Gospel. For the men in our New Life program to be transformed as they behold the glory of Christ, moving them into a life of freedom. And, for the Women’s Outreach Ministry to continue growing and additional passionate volunteers to partner with us.

Engagement Opportunities

Join the Redeem Team

By becoming a monthly giver, you can help provide essential care, such as nourishing meals, safe shelter, clean clothing, Christ-centered counseling, and discipleship programs that help change lives!



Women’s Clothes Closet

Volunteer and minister to our homeless and less fortunate women and children, or help us prepare the closet by sorting clothes and stocking supplies.




Amazon Wish List

Purchasing Bibles, household items, books, or other needed materials for UGM is a great way to support our work. You can explore our Amazon Wish Lists in one place here.

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