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We received a letter at Thanksgiving:

At our home, we keep a blessing jar and all of our loose change is placed inside. When our 4 children find some change they say a blessing that God has given us and drop the change inside.

We were going to use the change for a reward to ice cream for our family when the jar was full. I received your Thanksgiving campaign letter in the mail and I asked the kids if they would like to be a blessing to someone else and explained what you do.

As a family, we decided to count and donate our blessing jar money to you. When we counted it there was $38.40 of coins. We are blessed to send you a check for $38.40 to sponsor a table for 20 people this Thanksgiving.

Sincerely the Mullendore Family,

Robert, Darren, Coleen, Kate, Jeremy, and Tracie

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