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Our good friend, Jim Morris, is running the California International Marathon this year and supporting us in this effort. He loves the Mission and all that we do and has written a blog on one of our current program men.

Here is some of what he had to say:

From Misery to Joy, Rudolph’s Story

By Jim Morris

There’s a reason
that the road is long
It takes some time
to make your courage strong
Needtobreathe- Hard Love 

I have a new friend named Rudolph. His life has played out like a Hollywood script, only all of the pain and loss were real. Just as real as his triumph.

“I believed I was in a movie,” Rudolph remarked. “I still wake up each day and don’t believe I’m still alive and where I am today.”

Rudolph’s plunge started with alcoholic parents, which contributed to his alcohol dependence while in the military. He then lost both parents at a young age, quickly followed by two brothers being killed in a bank robbery. Numbing himself with drugs and alcohol, his wife and children exited. His plummet was complete when he spent his nights on the sidewalk of the Union Gospel Mission in Sacramento.

Fortunately, they brought him in and, in a span of eight-months, Rudolph is sober, found faith, reunited with his family and, by all appearances, is a model of humility, strength, optimism, and determination.

To read the rest of his blog, please click here:

From Jim on October 19, 2019:

“Joy! That was my feeling when RJ joined in at mile 14 of today’s run. Good weather and a good 17 miles today, preparing for the California International Marathon in December.”

We are always amazed at the ways people will share their hearts and talents for Sacramento’s poor and homeless community. Just a few days before the day of the Marathon, Jim had this to share:

“Almost time for the big day on Sunday!  I’ll have wife Leslie tag you in her posts. She and son RJ should see me around the halfway point and towards the end, plus of course the finale. I can’t thank you enough for your help and prayers.”

This year’s California International Marathon will be on Sunday, December 8, 2019. It will start at Folsom by the Dam Road and end at the State Capital. Here is a link for more information on this event:

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