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For many of the men that come to us, this is the first time they have studied the Bible. We have found the only real road to recovery is by receiving the gospel and discipleship through the Word of God.

 And, these are the responses that we received from 


“Jesus saves and recovery works!  Learn the gospel, read the Bible.  The staff at the Mission is there to help you learn everything you need to know about God and what He does in your life – take it from a graduate.  God is good!”

– Larry R.

“This program saved my life and gave me a foundation built upon Jesus.”

– Richard F.


“That man with his pen in the Bible is one of the most solid people I know!!!! ???

– Joaquin F.


“I was writing out the Word of God there in my spiritual father’s teaching class, Pastor Tom Mooney, meeting him and sister Berta was one of the greatest moments in my life!  He taught me to be a spiritual man.  Without him, I know in my heart, I never would have made it this far or be alive today.  He is highly esteemed in my heart and I’m forever thankful for him.  Looking at the photos, I seen 3 men that were there with me that are now dead, they died in there addiction. Today I am grateful and thankful that the Lord was merciful and spared my life.”

– Brian F.  

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